Kombi Kapers Book Launch at the Roxy Gallery

Fay Mars with Felicity and the Koalas

What a great day we had at the successful launch of Kombi Kapers – The Boy From Mirror Land!

Felicity Kombi was held up out in the bush, waiting for spare parts to arrive and let us know that she couldn’t be there on the day. She was very disappointed.

So we quickly created a model of her, as you can see in the photo. We made her from all recycled materials.

Her main body was an old torn down wall panel. The spare wheel was rescued from a rusty old wheelbarrow. The front bars were 4 throw-away pieces from the Urbenville Emporium which we covered in sparkly fabric and joined together. Her eyes were reversed paper plates with cardboard eyelashes. The rear vision mirror was rescued from an old bicycle.

We appreciate the skills of a dear friend John Culverwell, who skillfully cut out Felicity’s face and fashioned the stands from a couple of old retail price signs. He cut them down and welded stabilizing bars at the base. An old broom handle was cut into 2 pieces and fixed to the reverse side so that the whole piece could slide onto the stands. Thank you Johnny!

Part of the audience at the Roxy Gallery

It was wonderful to see so many happy, smiling faces of the kids and grownups enjoying the reading of part of the story. Afterwards there was a line of kids waiting to have their photos taken, looking through Felicity’s front windscreen.

We’d love to see some of those photos if any parents would like to email them to us at With their permission, we’d love to include them on our up-coming Gallery page, right here on the website.

Many books, prints and T-shirts were purchased, and the show bags proved very popular.  In the near future, the merchandise will be available here on the website.

Soon, we will be embarking on a book tour – locations to be announced.

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and for those who purchased the book, there will be a pop-up box installed on this website within the next few days, where you can register your details to go into the draw for the grand prize of the LEGO Kombi Construction Kit (valued at $400). You’ll also be able to download your Companion Colouring Book and be subscribed to a regular Kombi Kapers Fanzine, which will include news and activities for kids.

Special thanks to the Roxy Gallery, the Kyogle Council and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for their support.